Preparation to school and university exams

We offer individual classes for students who need to pass Portuguese school or university exams. Our Tutors will create a personalized language plan according to students’ language level.

Our tutors’ task is to assist students during the training, helping them to overcome the obstacles and get their degree quickly and with excellent results.
Tutors’ assistance during the whole preparation process is essential in order to achieve the objective and understand how to provide the appropriate preparation. A personalized language plan helps them to prepare for university exams, school exams or tests in Portuguese.

It is very important to understand how students deal with the school subject they are studying, in order to understand difficulties and problems that prevent them from passing the exam.

How are portuguese classes for exams preparation structured?

All the Portuguese classes for the preparation to school and university exam program or to the improvement of the language at school are individual and personalized.

We use typical project management techniques, together with the use of Social Media and interactive classes. We train our students by motivating them to achieve their language goal through activities with defined deadlines.


  • We will do an  Portuguese test in order to understand the language level and the quality of pronunciation. Thanks to the first interview we are able to evaluate together the student’s needs and objectives, planning Portuguese classes and timetable. Training follows the student’s school scheme.
  • Classes can be developed in different locations, according to students’ needs, or online.


  • Personalized Portuguese classes with fun activities.
  • Possibility to get classes with Portuguese mother-tongue or bilingual teachers.
  • A weekly support and listening, writing and pronunciation activities through Whatsapp groups are planned.


  • We carry out constant feedbacks about the training.
  • Our job also consists in stimulating our students by constantly motivating them through different means.


  • We keep language plan and timetable updated in order to carry on with the agreed schedule.

Portuguese classes to achieve your school and university goals

During the training there will be constant feedbacks and monitoring in order to evaluate the level reached and the achievement of personal steps.

Our method allows us to plan an Portuguese remedial program directly with our students and their parents, who have to approve each stage:

We work along with you to transform your language goal in a clear plan with defined
activities and deadlines.

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